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Al Mizan Actions

Al-Mizan needs to be implemented in such a manner that ensures a continued joint partnership between all environmental and faith-based actors. For the way forward, we want this initiative to act as an Islamic Covenant for environmental policy. Furthermore, Al-Mizan will be bolstered by a viable strategy, outlining major priorities, represented by several initiatives including:

  • “Al-Mizan Academy” to provide environmental teachings from an Islamic Perspective. 

  • “Al-Mizan Faith-based Civil Society Organization” to lead the implementation of Al-Mizan principles and recommendations.

  • “Al-Mizan Decade of Action” with initiatives and campaigns from cities, universities, schools, institutions, civil society, etc.

  • “Al-Mizan Youth Council and Summit” to encourage young faith leaders to take the lead on environmental action

  • “Al-Mizan Global Award of Achievements” on environmental action

  • “Al-Mizan Trust Fund” to promote local level projects addressing the initiative’s recommendations 

  • “Al-Mizan Network” to connect Muslims around the world and to share their knowledge and experiences

  • “Al-Mizan International Day”; a day dedicated to raise awareness and celebrate actions around Al-Mizan

  • “Al-Mizan Global Bi-Annual Conference” where scholars, institutions and activists meet to discuss relevant issues and topics

  • “Al-Mizan Mosques” Initiative to conduct teachings pertaining to Islam and the environment 

The Covenant is the first step. To have tangible beneficial impacts on local communities around the world, Al-Mizan needs to become a global movement and rally the entire international Muslim community behind taking sound environmental action. To move ahead, we want to create a global platform that will serve as a network with the aim of helping implement local action throughout the world. We are ultimately hoping that more faith-based organizations will take this initiative as a guiding principle and mobilize action. We also aspire that it will help foster an understanding between religions that we have a common responsibility towards the Earth.


We hope Al-Mizan will help strengthen Muslim communities’ sense of responsibility for nature, by galvanizing people around a common goal and spurring local actions around the world to save people and the planet. 

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